About Us

Shed-groundsMurakami Produce Company LLC is one of the areas largest shippers; located in one of the largest onion-growing regions in the United States. The company maintains state-of-the-art packing storages and packing facilities and is well-known for their top quality onions and food safety programs.

Located in Ontario, Oregon, Murakami Produce Company was founded in 1969 by Sig Murakami as the onion packing and shipping division for Murakami Farms, Inc. (est. 1952). In 1986, Murakami Farms discontinued its onion growing operation and Murakami Produce became a commercial packer and shipper. Currently, Murakami markets onions for over 25 growing entities and is one of the largest volume shippers in the Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion Region. Our status as a commercial packer allows our procurement department the latitude of selecting the best quality onions in the region from the finest local growers. Murakami Produce’s grading standards exceed those established by U.S. Department of Agriculture.

On-site storages and packing facilities are exceptionally clean and up to date, utilizing the latest equipment in the industry. We have met and exceeded food safety guidelines established by Scientific Certification Systems and have received the American Institute of Baking's superior rating.

Murakami Produce is situated on 30 acres with 17 buildings 60 miles west of Boise, Idaho, just across the Snake River in Oregon. The packing shed encompasses 50,000 sq. ft, with a main packing line and two consumer-packing machines. The packing capacity is 1500 –50# bags per hour. We have the capacity to store 75,000 bins on site; each bin holds 1500 pounds of bulk field run onions.

We have over 250,000 sq. ft. of insulated storages, all buildings have side air systems with instrumentation panels controlling airflow with respect to temperature and humidity.

Points of Interest:

We have loaded up to 40 semi-trucks [40,000 pound) per day with Murakami Produce market share being 12% of the areas daily fresh shipments.

We are one of the areas largest shippers;located in one of the largest onion-growing regions in the United States.

From August-October, the peak of our harvest and storage season, we have received inbound up to 350 (25,000 pound) farm trucks per day. 25 employees during the off-season. 170 employees during peak harvest 110 employees during packing season.

Potandon Produce L.L.C., exclusive marketer of Green Giant Fresh potatoes and onions in North America, and Murakami Produce created a partnership of their sales operations. Potandon became the sales agent for Murakami, effective January 1, 2006. Potandon employs Murakami’s sales and customer service employees. Murakami Produce also acquired an ownership interest in Potandon effective January 1, 2006. Potandon Produce is recognized as a market leader in retail and foodservice; customers are supplied with all major varieties and packs in the United States and Canada. The addition, Murakami Produce has tremendously bolstered Potandon's onion program. Potandon also sources potato and onion products from over 80 co-packers in 25 states and four Canadian provinces. Potandon is recognized as an industry pioneer and leader in food safety, quality control, and use of third party (AIB) audit systems.